The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade funded project The Atoll Food Futures (AFF)” implemented by Live and Learn Environmental Education Fiji is a three (3) year development intervention to adopt climate smart agriculture technologies in vulnerable atoll populations in order to improve their food security and reduce the reliance on imported food in the Informal settlements of Bilo, Mataniborosisi. Waikerekere, Kilikali and Corbett around the Suva corridor in Fiji. AFF is a multi-country project operating in 3 Pacific countries including Tuvalu, Kiribati and Fiji.

The Project Aims To:

Concentrates on climate smart agriculture solution to Food security. It focuses on mix technology that is appropriate to each country to support food production and consumption.

Address supply chain issues to fill materials and seeds needed for climate smart agriculture solutions to food security.

Improve diet quality on designing resources and education programme to promote healthy eating with the youths

Increase consumption of local grown food. Improve self sufficiency of local food production on improving the supply and distribution of produce as well as supporting the local market system.

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